Our Motorsport team has the proven ability to carry out the entire design, engineering, set-up and testing of a race car, from ground up. We also have the capabilities to put together and run a racing team in prominent international series.

Racing Cars

Motorsport RACING CARS
Podium Advanced Technologies has been the technical driving force behind the SCG003C project. Our engineers have designed the car from scratch in the record time of 14 months from the preliminary style sketch to the first track test.
We engineered the entire vehicle around the specific targets required to compete successfully at the Nurburgring 24 Hour race. The net result is two successful seasons in 2015 and 2016 Nurburgring VLN championship, culminating in an overall pole position at the 2017 ADAC 24 Hours race achieved by driver Jeff Westphal.

Racing Programs

Our Motorsport engineers have managed the Scuderia Cameron Gickenhaus racing cars during several racing seasons, taking part in VLN, 24H Series, DMV GTC and GT Open championships.
Our Motorsport specialists have been part of several racing teams covering various roles, ranging from Sporting Director, Car Engineer, Telemetry Engineer, Chief Mechanic, Electronics specialist, Engine specialist.

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