Our e-Mobility team can develop a complete hybrid or full electric powertrain system. We can also design, build and test high voltage battery packs with best in class power/weight and energy/weight ratios. Our proprietary BMS delivers the best performances and safety in any given battery application.


e-Mobility BMS

Our own Battery Management System is used today in hybrid and electric, road and racing vehicles, battery test benches and drones. It represents a complete and reliable solution to manage energy storages in a wide range of battery powered systems, from automotive to aerospace as well as stationary devices.
Our BMS features compact dimensions, low power consumption, high measurement accuracy and high refresh rates, and is used on many different appliances worldwide.

Custom Battery Packs


Our applied research team has developed our own electric and thermal behavioral models of several Lithium chemistry cells. Based on such simulation capability, we have designed several custom battery packs for R&D applications, installation on demo vehicles and small series production, up to 105 kWh and 900 V.
Our custom battery packs boast exceptional weight efficiencies and leading edge cooling technologies, including direct dielectric oil, indirect water glycol coolant and phase change materials.

Hybrid and Electric Powertrain


Our e-Mobility team is capable of designing and engineering any hybrid or full electric powertrain system. We are able to integrate motors, gearboxes, power electronics and chargers systems, meeting all vehicle requirements, ranging from urban light vehicles up to 1 MW record breaking hypercars.
Podium Advanced Technologies strong automotive background complements each HEV project with control algorithms compliant with the strictest requirements and specifications and developed using automotive standard prototyping platforms.

Battery Manufacturing


We offer To OEM customers, looking to set up high volume battery production, the possibility to design the most efficient assembly process and run pilot production batches, using our in-house battery packs assembly and ultrasonic welding facility.
Our colocated product engineering and manufacturing technology teams ensure that manufacturability is built in at the design stage, incorporating quality control features and ensuring a fully debugged process design.



The high voltage testing facility in Podium Advanced Technology labs allows to test and qualify a wide spectrum of e-traction components, such as motors, power inverters, cells and battery packs, up to 250 kW, 1kV.
The testing facility includes a full set of Device Under Test (DUT) conditioning system, as well as high precision laboratory sensors for current, voltage, thermography, flow rate, etc.

Applied Research


The intellectual capital in Podium Advanced Technologies is developed through a number of applied research programs, in conjunction with universities, private companies, public institutions.
The main research themes focus on efficiency of electric and hybrid vehicles, energy storage and energy harvesting.

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