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Management Team

Mario Chiera di Vasco
Chiera di Vasco

is the Technical Director of Podium Advanced Technologies as well as one of its founding partners. Mario is moved by his genuine passion for tech matters and by the firm belief that an excellent development process, where creativity, planning, experience and ingenuity mix together, is key to delivering outstanding products and services. He holds a MSc degree in Automotive Engineering and a PhD in Mechatronics from Politecnico di Torino, and has a broad experience in developing and testing road and racing vehicles with standard and electric powertrains.

Luca Ciancetti

is the Head of both the Automotive Engineering and Motorsport Business Lines and has been one of the founding partners of Podium Advanced Technologies. Luca holds a MSc degree in Automotive Engineering and a PhD in Mechatronics from the Politecnico di Torino. He has an extensive experience in both racing and road vehicles design and development, as well as managing race teams in various series.

Francesco Monti

is the Head of the e-Mobility Business Line. He is responsible of any Electric and Hybrid Project as well as all related R&D programs. Before joining Podium Advanced Technologies as a partner in 2012, overseeing high voltage battery pack product development, he has been part of the Hybrid Powertrain R&D group of McLaren Automotive UK. Francesco holds a MSc degree in Automotive Engineering and a PhD in Mechatronics Engineering from Politecnico di Torino.

Massimiliano Turco

is the Director of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Laboratory.
He joined Podium Advanced technology in 2011 and became a partner in 2016. He holds a MSc degree and a PhD in Mechatronics Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, and can rely on an extensive knowledge and experience on all facets of vehicle electronics, vehicle ECU programming and motorsport electronics. Massimiliano has played a key role in the development of Podium Advanced Technology’s own Battery Management System.

Igor Zanetti

is the Company CEO and Head of the Controls Function Group.
Igor has been one of the founding partners of Podium Advanced Technologies and holds a MSc degree in Automotive Engineering from Politecnico di Torino. After graduating, he worked for seven years in Engine Controls development for General Motors, both in Europe and in the United States. He has wide knowledge and experience in both controls design and development, as well as rapid prototyping and on-track calibration and testing.


In 2011 a small group of graduates and PhDs from Politecnico di Torino joined forces to create an innovative engineering firm, building upon their interests and passion for motorsport, cars and applied research on hybrid and electric mobility.


Relying on state of the art software and simulation tools, Podium Advanced Technologies engineers can support early design stages ensuring target performances, project time and cost.


High Voltage Test Lab
Our Electric and Electronic Engineering Laboratory features a full set of equipment and test benches, capable to test batteries and e-traction components controlling and monitoring all test and environment parameters, such as temperature, coolant behavior, heat rejection, electric performances.
Ultrasonic Wire Bonder
Our new generation ultrasonic heavy wire bonding station, developed for fully automated processing, allows us to manufacture efficiently prototype and small batches of batteries. Our machine allows for substituting wire with ribbon for sturdier and more powerful interconnections (eg prismatic cells). It boasts a large working area (370 mm x 870 mm), high drive through rate, high speed bonding.
Prototype Workshop
Our prototype workshop delivers services for engineering, prototypes construction, racing cars construction and overhaul, testing and validation. Our workshop can host up to 6 vehicles – with a dedicated bay to each one – at the same time, and it is also possible to segregate confidential areas for our customers, with restricted access. Additional equipment is available, such as 3D printing, machine tools, gearbox clean room, etc.