Our Automotive Engineering team can deliver vehicle engineering solutions for any given application, from systems design to full vehicle development and assembly, with the highest quality and efficiency.

Full Vehicle Development

Automotive Engineering

Based on our client final performance requirements, we start any new project with a study of vehicle packaging, and then proceed with chassis, suspensions, powertrain, and all mechanical components and systems development.
We have proven to be able to successfully design, engineer and validate virtually any kind of vehicle, from a simple L7E four-wheeler to a fully road legal hypercar.

Chassis and Suspensions

Automotive Engineering

Our motorsports experience allows us to design cars with excellent handling performances. Podium Advanced Technologies is the company that has been chosen to design an original variable ride-height suspension system for a high performance SUV prototype, as well as to design and validate a roll-bar for a critical application on a limited production supercar.
We have been appointed in WEC Le Mans prototypes and F1 projects as consultants for bodywork and chassis structural components design.

Engine and Drivetrain applications

Automotive Engineering

Our engineers have comprehensive capabilities across all powertrain applications. We are capable of installing third party engines defining all requirements and managing drivetrain coupling, electronics and controls, cooling system and ancillaries, sourcing them from qualified suppliers, or developing them depending on the application.
Although we do not design conventional transmissions ourselves, we have been able to provide solutions for EV and hybrid applications. Today we can offer a full set of services focused on whole powertrain architecture development and integration, ranging from low cost systems to transmissions adaptation for high performance hybrid applications.

Vehicle Dynamics

Automotive Engineering

Using the most advanced vehicle dynamics simulation tools, such as the VI-Grade software suite, our engineers are able to evaluate upfront a number of design alternatives in terms of macro vehicle architecture as well as detail set-up parameters, and to generate performance predictions of the model and its subsystems on any given driving mission.
Our Automotive Engineering team is eventually able to design and validate on road the best suspensions system given the required target performances. We have also developed and realized an original Torque Vectoring system to enhance handling performance of a fully electric supercar.

Fluid Dynamics

Automotive Engineering

Our Fluid Dynamics team is able to cover any CFD requirements from internal flows to multiple degrees of freedom moving mesh models and external aerodynamics. Over the years our services have been used in Product development and Design using multi-parameter optimization techniques coupled with CFD morphing technology.
We can carry out flow characterization, thermal and performance mapping of components and the entire vehicle over a range of conditions, ensuring fast turnaround times, reduced development time and costs, as well as accurate results validated by wind tunnel and road testing measurements.

Electric and electronic systems

Automotive Engineering

Our Electric and Electronic Systems team boasts a solid experience with all common CAD / CAE tools to design electric and electronic hardware for prototypes, racing as well as for production vehicles. We have experience in integration of hardware components ranging from sensors, actuators and controllers to complete hybrid drivetrains, as well as in complete wiring loom design and assembly for racing and road legal cars.
In several hybrid and electric vehicle projects we have completed validation stages using our state-of-the-art test benches for development, calibration and durability tests of PCBs, motor/generators, batteries and complete drivetrains.

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